Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform 11.6.0 ( 03 Nov 2023) Released


11.6.0 (03 Nov 2023)


  • PROJECT-1209 - Importation of existing PostgreSQL streaming configurations is now available.

  • PROJECT-1262 - Fixed an issue with CSD prechecks in Oracle RAC to RAC configurations

  • PROJECT-560 - Fixed issue caused by inconsistent case of host names for Oracle on Windows systems

  • PROJECT-1195 - Fixed issues with Windows installer when specifying a custom install location

  • PROJECT-857 - Oracle PDBs now work correctly with Snapshots

  • PROJECT-862 - Fixed issue with CSD after failover for Oracle SEHA

  • PROJECT-980 - Fixed issue with spurious email notification during Oracle switchover

  • PROJECT-1093 - Observer fail counters are now reset when the Observer is disabled/enabled

  • PROJECT-1178 - Fixed confusing mention of Automated Standby Update in task details for PostgreSQL where it is not applicable

  • PROJECT-1189 - Fixed issues with Windows installer when the Administrators group name is localized to another language

  • PROJECT-1213 - Fixed issue where Automated Standby Update could sometimes get stuck after Agent Manager restart

  • PROJECT-1220 - Fixed issues with the UI for adding user scripts for failover and switchover

  • PROJECT-1223 - Added validation of the roles assigned to the user specified for PostgreSQL streaming

  • PROJECT-1235 - Added validation of the license key entered during PostgreSQL configuration creation

  • PROJECT-1152 - Tweaks to the systemd unit definition created by the Linux installer

  • PROJECT-1291 - Linux installer output tweaked to be more specific about the order of operations

  • PROJECT-1289 - Fixed issues when creating SQL Server instances separately from the Configuration Creation process

  • PROJECT-1259 - Fixed an issue with importing DDCs when upgrading from v10 to StandbyMP on Windows systems

  • PROJECT-1243 - Fixed an issue with Observer and Automated Standby Update settings getting changed unexpectedly when other Configuration settings are changed

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