Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform 11.7.1 ( 13 Jun 2024) Released


11.7.1 (13 Jun 2024)


  • PROJECT-1290 – It is now possible to select multiple Oracle configurations for Switchover even if they involve different databases on the same host.
  • PROJECT-1335 – Attempting to create a standby Oracle database on Windows more than once for the same database could fail to create the associated Oracle service on subsequent attempts. The Windows service is now created on every attempt as long as it does not exist already.
  • PROJECT-1443 – A deadlock error could be reported by some versions of Oracle after many iterations of sending archive logs if the archive logs are stored on ASM. The problematic command is now run only once instead of every time.
  • PROJECT-1444 – Reporting Replicas did not work on Oracle versions earlier than 12.1 due to an incompatible query. The incompatible query is now skipped for Oracle versions earlier than 12.1, restoring the Reporting Replicas functionality.
  • PROJECT-1445 – Some issues could occur when the output of the Oracle sqlplus command was configured to be in a non-English locale. The DBV_NLS_LANG and DBV_NLS_LANG_DR variables in newly-created DDCs now default to the “AMERICAN” locale.
  • STDBY-899 – An error message displayed when an archive log is in use has been updated to include all relevant DDC variables.
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