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Checking primary datafiles.. file#10 status =Not verified

I am new to DBVisit Standby

Following is my concern...

Checking primary datafiles on DBVISITMACHINE1...
file#=10 status=NOT VERIFIED
file#=7 status=NOT VERIFIED
file#=8 status=NOT VERIFIED
file#=9 status=NOT VERIFIED
Please check the view v$backup and take datafiles out of backup mode using ALTER DATABASE END BACKUP or ALTER TABLESPACE END BACKUP commands.



Please let me know what is the mistake I am doing and how to correct it....

siva Answered

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Hello Siva,

Did you try to execute the command alter database end backup; or alter tablespace end backup to end the backups, this might have caused due to previous backups not ended properly.

Vijayganesh Sivaprakasam 0 votes
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