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Should Enable force loggin in primary side?

Hi All,

I have enabled the force logging mode in primary side, can i stop  the force logging mode in primary side.

Prasanthk Answered

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The FORCE LOGGING option is the safest method to ensure all the changes made in the primary database will be captured and available for recovery.

If the number of archives on the primary side is not too big , once you set LOGGING, that signifies a large number of NOLOGGING are being performed on the primary database. The end result is that these operations are not applied to the standby due to no redo information being available for these transactions.

The standby will appear to be up to date, but when these objects are accessed – when standby is open in READ-ONLY mode, roles were changed with the primary or it is activated – you will receive unrecoverable errors.

Our recommendation setting and keeping FORCE LOGGING on primary to protect your standby.

Charmaigne Bezuidenhout
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