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dbvisit replicate setup wizard

my problem is step 1 (describe databases) of dbvisit replicate setup wizard . there is no [add] option to describe additional database, since I can't  describe second database , in step 2 (Step 2 - Replication pairs) the second database always defaults to 2: KAHITI (dbvpf) (cannot be source: not an Oracle database) -- I don't know where this second database comes from. because I never entered it any where.

much appreciate if someone can help me out on this.

My DBvisit Replicate version is: dbvisit_replicate-2.9.04-1.el5.x86_64.rpm on RedHat Linux

below is the screen shot of the setup wizard:


Step 1 - Describe databases
The first step is to describe databases used in the replication. There are usually two of them (source and target).
Store SYSDBA and DBA passwords? Passwords only required during setup and initialization? (Yes/No) [Yes]
Let's configure the database, describing its type, connectivity, user names etc.
What type of database is this? (Oracle): [Oracle]
Please enter database TNS alias: [] uobd01
Please enter SYSDBA user name: [SYS]
Please enter password for user SYS: [change_on_install] ********
Please enter user with DBA role: [SYSTEM]
Please enter password for user SYSTEM: [manager] ********

Connecting to database uobd01 as SYSTEM to query list of tablespaces and to detect ASM (by looking whether any redo logs or archived logs are stored in

Dbvisit PureFlow requires the use of database user to store metadata.
Please enter the Dbvisit PureFlow user name: [dbvrep] dbvrep2
Please enter password for user dbvrep2: [dbvpasswd]

Dbvisit PureFlow user dbvrep2 is recommended to store metadata. It is also possible to store metadata in another (non-source) database.
Store Dbvisit PureFlow metadata in uobd01 database? This is a typical / recommended configuration. (Yes/No) [Yes]

Dbvisit PureFlow user dbvrep2 will be created by install scripts and used to store metadata.

Permanent tablespaces detected in database: CRRDATA1, CRRIDX1, UOBDATA1, UOBIDX1, USERS.
Please enter default permanent tablespace for user dbvrep2: [CRRDATA1] users

Temporary tablespaces detected in database: TEMP.
Please enter default temporary tablespace for user dbvrep2: [TEMP]

Following databases are now configured:
1: Oracle uobd01, SYS/***, SYSTEM/***, dbvrep2/***, users/TEMP, dbvrep2/, ASM:Yes, TZ: +00:00
Enter the number of the database to modify it or "done": [done]


Step 2 - Replication pairs
The second step is to set source and targets for each replication pair.
Let's configure the replication pair, selecting source and target.
Following databases are described:
1: UOBD01#DBVREP2 (Oracle)
2: KAHITI (dbvpf) (cannot be source: not an Oracle database)
Select source database: [1]
Select target database: [2]



ming chen Answered

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Hello Ming


From the details you provided it looks like you used the Kafka as Target method to implement replication.

Renaming of dbvrep to dbvpf and reference to Dbvisit PureFlow 

If your intention was to setup normal Oracle to Oracle replication please refer to the following documentation:

1. For the various installation methods please refer to the following online document :

2. For information on a basic replication configuration please refer to the following online document :

3. The best way to proceed and get to know the product is making use of the User Guide and Knowledge Base articles which can be found on our website :







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