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DBVisit Standby 8 GUI

We are making up our architecture for the databases and the use of DBVisit and are missing some information.

Our environment: 3 the same ODA's in bare-metal use. Multiple databases in 2 Oracle versions. Primaries will be divided over 2 ODA, and the other ODA will hold all the standby's.

Can we install our Standy GUI on the standby ODA ?

Sofie Kempeneer Answered

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You may install GUI on Standby ODA but it is recommended that the Central Console is installed on a standalone server to ensure you can continue the management of your standby in the event of a disaster - ideally running Oracle Linux version 6 or higher.

This can either be a physical server, Virtual Machine (2G RAM) or even a Docker image (as long as persistent storage is used).

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