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DBvisit Standby on Windows service account and ownership

Recently installed DBvisit Standby on a pair of Windows 2012R2 servers. Installed Standby with my personal windows domain account. Replication was working, no issues. Installed the Central Console on the first (pimrary) server. Everything worked with Central Console application. Management decided to run dbvisit under a new separate domain service account called srv-dbvisit. Sysadmin created new account and then updated the dbvnet, dbserver and dbagent services to use the new srv-dbvisit service account, on both servers. When I run .\dbvctl -d <ddc> status on both primary and standby it apears to show that they are in sync and functioning but Central Console application is not to be able to reach or control either primary or standby .  Changing the dbserver back to use my login, does not work either. Any suggestions?


John Kelly Answered

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These are usually trickier to solve and requires more in depth analysis.

As a starting point we would recommend :

1. Check  if all processes and services are started and running stable - dbvnet, dbvagent, dbvserver (console)

2. Checking the Windows Environment pre-requisites - see the document link below :

3. Provide the dbvserver.log

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