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Hi there,.

I am new to DB Visit standby and would appreciate some help.

I have installed the DB Visit version 8 installed across two windows 2008 servers and the services are up and running on the default ports. I log onto the URL which is the primary server and I can see the first Host in the Manage hosts section.  I now attempt to add the second server using the host name, Passphrase, port 7891. However I get the error Could not contact this host.

Any ideas how to diagnose this issue please? I can ping between the two nodes without any issues and there are no firewalls on these two windows servers. 

 Looking at the logs I can see the followings

0170516 13:31:25 main::cmn_check_rc: error_option=nolognomail
20170516 13:31:25 main::cmn_exit: error_code=1
20170516 13:31:25 main::cmn_get_basename_file: C:\Program Files\Dbvisit\standby\log\dbvisit_install.log=>dbvisit_install.log
20170516 13:31:25 main::cmn_print:
Dbvisit Standby terminated...
Error Code: 1
Connection to Westernpowers2 failed.
No initial contact can be made or remote command cannot be run
Please check network connection and review the settings:
DBVISIT_BASE=C:\Program Files\Dbvisit

Error connect: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused

Tracefile from server: WESTERNPOWERS1 (PID:1820)
20170516 13:31:25 main::cmn_find_file_glob: file_part1=C:\Program Files\Dbvisit\Standby\tmp\1820.0.dbvisit.201705161211 file_part2=*.dbv
20170516 13:31:25 main::cmn_is_asm: file_name=C:\Program Files\Dbvisit\Standby\tmp\1820.0.dbvisit.201705161211*.dbv asm_file=0
20170516 13:31:25 main::cmn_find_file_glob: file_found_count=0
20170516 13:31:25 main::cmn_rm_files: Temp files (0) will be removed.
20170516 13:31:25 main::cmn_display_footer: =============================================================
20170516 13:31:25 main::cmn_display_footer: dbvctl ended on WESTERNPOWERS1: Tue May 16 13:31:25 2017
20170516 13:31:25 main::cmn_display_footer: =============================================================
20170516 13:31:25 main::cmn_display_footer: SUPPRESS_HEADER_FOOTER=Y
20170516 13:31:25 : final exit code=1


What do we need to do to make sure that two servers can reach each other. I can ping between the two servers and have access to net work shared between the two. 


hamid ansari Answered

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This is typically part of the Communication setup and testing  - see reference to online document :

1. Ensure the hostnames of the two Windows servers and their IP addresses are present in the hosts file on both servers - c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts.

2. You may have to adjust the "metric" for the specific network interface to make sure ipv4 gets higher priority.
Example see attached - 3 steps to get to the metric.

Adjust the automatic setting to something like 20, then retry - restart of dbvnet will be required
You can do this on your test system standby server first - the metric change might require a windows restart to take affect.

See attached screen print

3. Once you have carried out the steps run the netstat command on both primary and standby servers.

C:\Users\Administrator> netstat -ano|findstr 7890

With expected output as :

TCP               LISTENING       2396
TCP      ESTABLISHED     2396

Check the status of the ports on Primary Server
C:\Program Files\Dbvisit\Standby>netstat -ano|findstr 7890
C:\Program Files\Dbvisit\Standby>netstat -ano|findstr 7891

Check the status of the ports on Standby Server
C:\Program Files\Dbvisit\Standby>netstat -ano|findstr 7890
C:\Program Files\Dbvisit\Standby>netstat -ano|findstr 7891

4. Finally run the System Readiness test  :

C:\Program Files\Dbvisit\Standby>dbvctl.exe -f system_readiness

Charmaigne Bezuidenhout
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