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Apply seems to be stuck


Replication has been pending at SCN 3667358319 for more than 20 minutes. At the same time it appears that there have been many transactions applied to the target or apply side. Can you please explain this behaviour?


The source operation was probably a single large insert. The way replication works you will see this broken down to many single-row inserts applied on the target.

So in fact this is expected behaviour for such a situation. Note that although the SCN does not advance, you should see the number of changes applied increasing (list progress) and the apply log file update (Apply progress: 4252343 LCRs processed.).

Replicate can usually handle such large bulk inserts/updates/deletes fine although they may require more memory than usual. Due to the single-row nature of redo logs and thus single-row apply, they tend to run much slower on apply than they did on the source db.

Arjen Visser Answered

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The apply server has not progressed past 291, since I restarted the job almost 5 hours ago. Th mine server also has as an error, I have uploaded the files to the drop box account.
Valery Hickey - dbvrep_MINE_ua2flex.log
Valery Hickey -

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