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Handling column names with 30 characters in the Audit configuration


In our configuration we have tables with a column name containing the maximum permitted length of 30 characters.

How can we audit these tables knowing that we can not add a prefix to the column name and exceed this maximum length of characters?


Dbvisit Replicate can be configured to audit tables with 30 character long column names. There is no workaround required here as Dbvisit Replicate implicitly renames such long column names on the target, with old and new prefix, to keep the length of the target column name less than 30 characters.


A 30 character long column name namenamenamenamenamenamenamena will be renamed as OLD_NAMENAMENAMENAMENAMENA0002 and NEW_NAMENAMENAMENAMENAMENA0002. With the prefix, the new column names remain 30 characters long.

Krupesh Desai Answered

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