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Export at User Level Instead of Table Level


Is it possible to set dbreplicate to export at a user level? Failing that, if is edited (in the below example) to simply OWNER=SCOTT, will that cause any issues?


The export commands created by the are at a table level:

exp SYSTEM/******@<ORACLE\_SID> file=<filename>.dmp statistics=none flashback_scn=8003059945247 tables=SCOTT.EMP,SCOTT.DEPT log=exp_<filename>.log

Table level export means that objects such as private synonyms, sequences, packages, etc are not exported. This means they have to be manually extracted from source and created on the target. Exporting at a user level enables export of these objects.

You can edit the script to your requirements. It is critical to keep the FLASHBACK_SCN intact as this is the starting point of the replication. It is advised, however, to select the SCHEMA in the setup wizard then edit the

Donna Zehl Answered

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