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Can You Specify Which CPU Dbvisit Replicate Will Work On?


Can you specify which CPU Dbvisit Replicate will work on?


Both MINE and APPLY are single-threaded and you can not assign which CPU is assigned to Dbvisit Replicate.

The APPLY process will use multiple threads to execute SQL DMLs on the target database in parallel. So in effect these threads will take up very little CPU. MINE and APPLY will also use additional threads for network communication between the source and the target but rarely take any CPU overhead.

There is no way how to limit (or increase) the CPU usage within Dbvisit Replicate except for general OS tools. MINE and APPLY run as separate Unix Processes. You can use OS tools to set the priority as needed.

Within the databases, the dbvrep user is a standard Oracle user. You may use Resource Manager to manage priorities in the database.

Chris Lawless Answered

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