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dbvisit switchover command in Sun Cluster environment.

We have a Primary site, which has Sun cluster setup and dbvisit standby running on the active server. The Standby site is a standalone server with dbvisit running.

We plan to do a "DR" testing to the Standby site , where in we plan to do a switchover. Now, since this is a sun cluster setup, what is the recommended procedure ? If the primary d/b goes down and before it comes up in Standby mode, during switchover, will Sun Cluster start the database in the inactive node ? This is not what we want, since we want the database to be up and running in Standby site and the database in the primary site in standby mode.

Any guidelines are welcome.

Ganesh Venkatadri Answered

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A resource can continue to operate normally while its fault monitor is
disabled.However, if the fault monitor is disabled and a data service fault occurs, automatic
fault recovery is not initiated.

/usr/cluster/bin/clresource unmonitor rworacle-rs

Run the clresource command on each cluster node and check for monitored fields (RS
Monitored) to verify that the resource fault monitor has been disabled.

clresource show -v

Monitored{rwdb01}: False
Monitored{rwdb02}: False

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