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DBVisit Standby GUI is not reachable (session time out)


Sometimes, without any action on servers, DBVisit Standby GUI (on both servers) becomes unreachable.

When I run the following commands on both servers, GUI becomes available again:
Primary DB Server: IPRLIVEDB
Standby DB Server: IPRCLSDB
/usr/dbvisit/dbvnet/dbvnet-test -s IPRLIVEDB:7890
/usr/dbvisit/dbvnet/dbvnet-test -s IPRCLSDB:7890

I couldn't find any reason why this is happening.

Any comment & idea?

Özer Evci
Sr. Oracle DBA

Ozer Evci Answered

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When Dbvisit Standby is used and Dbvserver has been running for some time, and you suddenly start getting redirect messages in the browser, the most likely cause of this is that required temporary files used by Dbvserverd in the /tmp filesystem was removed.

Please refer to this link for further assistance:

Charmaigne Bezuidenhout
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