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Uninstallation of Dbvisit repositories

Hi, I hope someone could help me with my question. I have two datacenters on cloud, the first one already contains production database which is up and running. Second contains the standby test node for dbvisit and is also up and running. Now my problem is I will recreate the standby test node to a permanent one ( for the test node, I limited my resources for the server). Upon checking documentations for uninstallation of dbvisit, there are 2 parts, the uninstallation of Dbvisit database repositories and uninstallation from the web interface which will be executed on the primary server. I want to know if uninstalling the dbvisit repositories will have an effect on the up and running production database? I'm frightened that I might lose crucial data upon the uninstallation of dbvisit repositories. Thank you very much.


PS. I already thought of recreating the standby server without uninstalling dbvsit but with same parameters as the test node.

Carl Javier Answered

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Uninstalling the repositories will not effect your databases, as only the user owning the DDR repository , dbvisit7 (default user),  gets dropped during the uninstall operation. See example below :




    Dbvisit Standby Database Technology (


    Dbvisit Database setup

      Default values will be shown in []



      1) New Dbvisit Database setup (combines options 2,3,4)

      1a) New Dbvisit RAC Instance setup (combines options 2,3,4)


      2) New Dbvisit Database configuration (DDC) file setup

      3) New Dbvisit Archive Management Module (AMM) setup

      4) New Dbvisit Database repository (DDR) setup


      5) Manage Dbvisit Database repository (DDR)

      6) Update Dbvisit Database configuration (DDC) file


      7) Create Standby Database (and template)

      8) Synchronize Standby Database


      9) Uninstall Dbvisit Database repository (DDR)

      E) Exit



Please enter choice : 9


=>Uninstalling Dbvisit Database repository (DDR).

Choose database:


The following Oracle database(s) have a Dbvisit Database configuration (DDC)

file on this server:




1)   testdb8

2)   Return to menu


Please enter choice : 1


Is this correct? <Yes/No> [Yes]:

Database testdb8 is up.



Do you want to drop the existing Dbvisit Database repository (DDR) and all of

its contents in database testdb8? Yes or cancel the uninstall? <Yes/Cancel>

[Cancel]: yes


Are you sure? <Yes/No> [Yes]:

Dropping user dbvisit7... this may take a while


User dbvisit7 dropped.


Please press <Enter> to continue…



Charmaigne Bezuidenhout
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