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Upgrading from Standby V7 to V8 - Do I have to use SSH?

I have just gone through the Upgrade steps on our Linux boxes and install V8 on both. I have started dbvagent on both machines but the system seems to be trying to use SSH to connect. Normally when this happens I would just make sure dbvnet was running on both machines and it would use your connection methods and it would work. 

I have checked both machines with ./dbvagent -d status and ./dbvnet -d status and both say the agents are running and gives me the pid numbers.

I have applied the new licence key to the primary server.

If I run the following dbvctl -d LIVE -c on the Primary server I get:

Dbvisit Standby Database Technology message from ekifsrac1


Message received from process: dbvctl -d LIVE -c


(Dbvisit Standby: Process id: 27318)


201611281348 - Connection to ekifsrac2 failed.

No initial contact can be made or remote command cannot be run Please check network connection and review the settings:






Error connect: Connection refused


Same message if I do a dbvctl -d LIVE -i

I get the same message.

Basically any command I use and the systems try to communicate with each other fail with the above error.

Looking at the CP & RSH parameters in the env file shows them both as blank to use the default dbvnet.

Any suggestion as to what is wrong with my setup. I will upload the trc file when I can

Many thanks.


Richard Chambers

Richard Chambers Answered

Official comment


This has been reported as BUG and will be fixed in Next Release (8.0.06)

Vijayganesh Sivaprakasam
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If I run ./dbvnet-tool -s ekifsrac2 on the primary server I get a return code of 20 - connection refused. 

The same if I run it on the standby server trying to connect to the primary. Both are using the same port number 7890.

I have still to check with our Linux guys to make sure the port is not being blocked by the firewall.


Richard Chambers

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