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DBVisit Standby usage with nightly batch processing

I am a new user to DBVisit.  We have successfully set up version 9 standby for an Oracle 12.1 primary/standby and have a question.  Our DB have nightly batch processing that creates a lot of redo data.  We are looking to create as short a time as possible for synching the standby with the primary, 1-2 minutes preferably.  The question is if we tried to do so during the batch window we would probably need a large amount of redo log groups if these batch transactions run transactions that take a long time to complete and update a lot of information.  

Was wondering how other users typically handle this sort of situation?  Do they change the replication schedule during the batch window to be longer or am I missing something else that needs to be considered? 




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Thank you for contacting Dbvisit.

Great job on installing and configuring your Standby setup.

It is possible, but you will have to look at the size of your redelogs and number of log switches, then increase the size of the redologs on Primary.

Another possible option is, if you are using the Daemon Processes with default intervals to do the sending and applying of archived logs, you could stop it at night.

Then have a custom schedule (script) in cron to run every 30 minutes.



Charmaigne Bezuidenhout
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