Remove DDC from the GUI console with Broken Links


Read our docs This Article explains how to remove the DDC configuration from the GUI console, for which the HOST or the Database does not exist or has been removed.

Problem Details

Problem Statement

Broken Links for DDC in the Manage configurations page in the GUI console.

Applicable Error Code

Broken red link in GUI console. 

Affected Versions

Standby Version 8.0

Affected Platforms

Platform Independent.


The reason we are seeing the red broken links in the Manage Configurations table is because the Hosts
for the selected Configuration (DDC) are no longer available.

In this situation, we usually do not allow the Configuration (DDC) to be deleted from the GUI,
because if we cannot contact the Hosts we cannot be certain that the DDC files have been deleted together with the DDC record on the web server/GUI. So, in future, if you plan to remove a Configuration (DDC),
you should first use the Delete action from the Manage Configurations page,
which will remove the DDC record from the web server and the DDC files from both Hosts, and then de-activate the server.

To specifically fix the current problem, you can make a couple of direct calls to our API to remove the DDC records manually.


Below are the steps that must be followed.

  • Please log into the GUI, open a new tab, and then copy/paste the URLs below, one at a time, into the new tab and press Enter. 

  • Just validate whether the ddcid=17 matches with the # number in the manage configurations page which you want to remove. See the below screen shot.


  • Don't forget to change GUI_BASE_URL to the address you normally use to access the GUI.
  • Once you have done this, refresh the Manage Configurations page in the GUI, and you should see both of the obsolete DDC records gone.
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    Keith Carter

    Yes, that was the original plan, but the linux team jumped the gun and unplugged the servers without our knowledge !!!! There's no turning back, the servers are out the door....