How to use your own certificates in Dbvisit Standby

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How to use your own certificates in Dbvisit Standby . 


You can use your own certificates/keys for Dbvserver if you so require. This can be done by adjusting the following section in the dbvserver/conf/dbvserver.conf file:

Default values are:

    ssl_ca  = conf/dbvserver-ssl-root-ca.crt
    ssl_crt = conf/dbvserver-ssl.crt 
    ssl_key = conf/dbvserver-ssl.key

Copy your files into the conf subdirectory and then update the configuration to use them:

    ssl_ca = conf/custom-ca-cert.pem
    ssl_crt = conf/server-cert.pem
    ssl_key = conf/server-key.pem

Please note that using defaults is recommended as custom values may be overwritten by the upgrade process. During updates and upgrades you may need to update the dbvserver.conf file to use your custom values. We recommend that before you upgrade to new versions you make a backup copy of the dbvserver.conf file so that you can re-apply any custom values following an upgrade.

We are looking at changing this in the upcoming Dbvisit Standby version 8 scheduled for release in 2016.

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