ORA-49601 Error when Creating Standby Database

Problem Description

When creating standby database, Dbvisit fails at a point of starting up the standby instance nomount to restore the standby control file:

20140302 20:15:22 main::cmn_cat-> SQL> Connected to an idle instance.
20140302 20:15:22 main::cmn_cat-> SQL> columns cleared
20140302 20:15:22 main::cmn_cat-> SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL> ORA-49601: syntax error: found "%s": expecting one of: "%s" etc..

Standby spfile contains either parameter EVENT or NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS with wrong syntax.

When Dbvisit creates a standby pfile/spfile using primary database parameters, it treats commas in parameter values as string separators, unless the commas are escaped with a backslash. For example, if the primary database has EVENTS parameter defined as:

event='10795 trace name context forever, level 2'

Dbvisit will add the following line to the standby pfile:

event='10795 trace name context forever','level 2'

To record correct syntax, the comma must be escaped with a backslash when prompted to customize standby database parameters.


Run CSD (Create Standby Database) from scratch. When prompted to customize standby database parameters, choose to edit, type parameter name event and provide a value:

10795 trace name context forever\,level 2

For NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS you may want to provide a value like '\,.'

Anna MacNaughtan March 03, 2014 13:00

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