Rebuild Standby After Failover


Failover and Switchover are differ from each other.

Graceful Switchover (GS) is performed for role reversal between the primary database and standby databases.

When Primary database is no longer available and the standby database is activated to become the new primary database to continue operation it is called failover to the standby database. At this time Dbvisit Standby doesn't have a mechanism to resync the original primary database to take the role of standby after failover.

You can use some Oracle internal mechanisms to get the original database back (flashback database) to before the standby activation, recover it through resetlogs and to catch up to the new primary database. But this assumes, that you have enabled flashback database on the original primary database, you have all the flashback logs etc.

Note: Flashback database is not a feature of Oracle standard edition.


After performing failover it is necessary to create the standby again.

Verify DB roles of databases if available & run on primary and standby site:

$ sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL> select name, open_mode, database_role from v$database;

If both databases are PRIMARY now, you need to create the Standby again.

To recreate standby due to failover, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Stop all Dbvisit Schedules.
  2. Create a new DDC file on Primary using below link.

          Create DDC Version 8.0

          Create DDC Version 7.0

     3.Shutdown the Standby database (currently shows as Primary).

     4.Delete the datafile, controlfile, archdest, temp location on Standby Server.

     5.From Primary Server create the Standby database using the below link.

        Create Standby Database Version 8.0

        Create Standby Database Version 7.0      

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