Rebuild Standby After Failover


When Primary database is no longer available and the standby database is activated to become the new primary database to continue operating it is called failover to the standby database. At this time Dbvisit Standby doesn't have a mechanism to resync the original primary database to take the role of standby after failover. The reason is that the original standby database has been open with open resetlogs command and therefore a new incarnation of the database has been created.

Once the original primary server is up and running again you need to take the following steps to get back to the original setup.


Assume that before the failover the environment was:

Server A: hosting the Primary DB ---> Server B: hosting the Standby DB

  1. On server A shutdown the instance if running
  2. On server A cleanup the databfiles and FRA location
  3. Stop all Dbvisit daemons or schedules
  4. On server B check the DDC file and set SOURCE=Server B and DESTINATION=Server A
  5. Run CSD process:
  6. Once the new Standby DB on Server A is created, check that everything works as expected, e.g. manually send and apply one archived log.
  7. Perform Switchover (
  8. Now you have again the primary DB on server A and the standby DB on server B
  9. Start Dbvisit daemons (or other schedule)
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