What Happens if There Dbvisit Hasn't Finished Transferring the Logs and an Instance?

Problem Description

What happens if dbvisit hasn't finished transferring the logs and an instance is started by cron? Does the new instance abort?

For example, if dbvisit is set to transfer logs every 15 minutes and transferring logs for one interval takes more than 15 minutes. Cron starts the second invocation of dbvisit. Does this second invocation abort?


When Dbvisit Standby runs it creates a lock file in its temp directory, so when another instance of the application is started the first thing it does is check if one of these already exists. If it does then it will simply exit out cleanly and without issue, and if this happens more than the specified threshold times will then email the Admins about this.

You can see an example of this error message below:

201407141227 - Dbvisit Standby process (dbvisit, dbv_orastartstop or dbvisit_setup) for w111g still running on WINTEST-01 after 1 attempts.
(if Dbvisit Standby process (dbvisit, dbv_orastartstop or dbvisit_setup) is no longer executing, then delete lock file C:\Program Files\Dbvisit\standby\pid\dbvisit_w111g.pid)
Program Terminated.

Donna Zehl July 15, 2014 01:35

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