Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE) / Standard Edition (SE) Combination with Dbvisit Standby


Problem Description

Is a combination of an Enterprise Edition (EE) as the primary and a Standard Edition (SE) as a standby supported by Dbvisit standby?


In short a standby database should be licensed similar to the primary database and the Edition in use should match.

Mixing Oracle Database Editions is NOT recommended as this can lead unexpected results.

Example: If you have used Enterprise Edition (EE) feature on your primary, but your standby is making use of Standard Edition and you have a disaster in which you have to Activate (Fail-over) to your standby, you will run into errors when you try and use the EE feature as your software Edition will not allow this.

A Standby database is there to protect a primary database, to give peace of mind and to help make sure risk is low when a disaster strikes.  Mixing editions adds risk and this is not recommended.

Dbvisit's recommendation is that the Primary and Standby database software edition should match and that you should not mix editions.




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