Standby Redologs and Online Redologs not created in Standby during CSD(Create Standby Database) Process

Problem Description

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I noticed both online redo logfiles and standby logfiles were not created on the standby server. In the alert file of primary DB, there is something like:

Use the following SQL commands on the standby database to create 
standby redo logfiles that match the primary database:
  • Why are online redo logfiles not created? They are not used by standby DB, but it doesn't hurt to create them with the standby DB, right?

  • Is there a way to include them during the CSD?


With an Oracle physical standby database on SE, "standby redo logs" are not used as this is a Data Guard specific feature, and a slightly more complex architecture which that application uses:

So you don't need to worry about this when working with Dbvisit Standby, and even if using EE you can ignore the messages in the alert log related to this.

As for the standby online redo log creation, we don't follow through with actually creating these simply because this step is not needed for recovery. So yes, you are correct, there is no real harm in creating these files (and we have noted this for the future roadmap) but for the moment we don't do this. It may be possible to manually include this step with our application invoking the post-process functionality as we outline here:

Donna Zehl August 23, 2014 03:48

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