Database Parameter UNDO_TABLESPACE


Problem Description

I've checked the UNDO_TABLESPACE name at both server primary and standby. Yes the names were different between the two servers.

What steps are needed to update the standby if I change or recreate the UNDO Tablespace at primary?

Do I also need to recreate the same UNDO Tablespace on the standby after creating on primary or just update standby spfile value for undo_tablespace only?


The key is that when you make changes to the primary database default undo tablespace (example create a new one or change the default one to another one) you will end up changing the undo_tablespace parameter in the spfile on the primary side. All you have to do then is just make sure you update the spfile on the standby server. That should be all that is needed.

Donna Zehl August 26, 2014 02:14

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