Dbvisit Standby Installer Fails with: "Error: Can't locate libperl.so"


Read our docs Dbvisit Standby installation fails with "Can't locate libperl.so" error.

Problem Details

Problem Statement

Dbvisit Standby Installer Fails when /tmp is mounted with noexec option.

Applicable Error Code

Error: Can't locate libperl.so

Affected Versions

Standby Versions

Affected Platforms

Noticed in Linux environments


When installing Dbvisit Standby and you get the following error: Error: Can't locate libperl.so. For example:

oracle@dbvlin103[/home/oracle/7.0/dbvisit/installer]: ./install-dbvisit
Error: Can't locate libperl.so
Make sure the ActivePerl bin directory is in your PATH
Background Information

When Dbvisit Standby is executing, including Dbvnet and Dbvserver, temporary files are extracted and used from the default system temp location. On most Unix system this will be /tmp.

The problem in this case is that the /tmp mount point was mounted using the noexec option.

Using the mount command you can quickly review the settings:

oracle@dbvlin103[/home/oracle/7.0/dbvisit/installer]: mount |grep tmp
tmpfs on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw,size=2G,rootcontext="system_u:object_r:tmpfs_t:s0")
tmpfs on /tmp type tmpfs (rw,noexec,size=2G)

This might be seen in some cases where environments are locked down.


There are two possible options to get around this:

  1. Ask the system administrator to mount the /tmp filesystem without the noexec option.

  2. Create a new temporary directory and set the TMPDIR environment variable to point to this location. For example:

    oracle@dbvlin103[/home/oracle/7.0/dbvisit/installer]: mkdir /home/oracle/tmp
    oracle@dbvlin103[/home/oracle/7.0/dbvisit/installer]: export TMPDIR=/home/oracle/tmp
    oracle@dbvlin103[/home/oracle/7.0/dbvisit/installer]: ./install-dbvisit
    Welcome. Your Dbvisit product is going to be installed in a moment. It will be required by you to enter some configuration parameters
    during installation.
    It is recommended to make a backup of our current Dbvisit software location for rollback purposes.
    Please specify the Dbvisit main installation directory.
    The default directory is "/usr/dbvisit".
    Note: the various Dbvisit products and components - such as Standby,
    Replicate, Dbvnet, and Dbvserver - will be installed in the appropriate subdirectories of this path.
    Enter a custom value or press ENTER to accept default [/usr/dbvisit]:

If you have to look at using TMPDIR option you will need to make sure you update the .bash_profile or .profile or other environment configuration files to ensure that this path is set before you execute Dbvisit Standby processes.

Anton Els September 18, 2014 17:58

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