Dbvisit Standby: database states


Read our docs This article describes all the database states (db_state) used by Dbvisit Standby.

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Below is the list of db_state options and what each state corresponds to. Please note this is for informational purpose only and might change over time.


# Database states can be as follows:

# db_state=50 - Normal database open in read write mode
# db_state=51 - Normal database open in restricted mode
# db_state=52 - Normal database mounted
# db_state=53 - Normal database BUT NOT open in read write mode
# db_state=60 - Standby Database in recovery mode
# db_state=63 - Standby Database in READ ONLY mode
# db_state=65 - Standby Database but unknown mode
# db_state=70 - Newly created database in mounted mode
# db_state=73 - Newly created database unknown mode
# db_state=84 - Sqlplus usage error. Not connecting correctly
# db_state=85 - Unknown state for non-standby database
# db_state=86 - Indicates the database is being recovered using a backup or created control file.
# db_state=95 - Database is down
# db_state=94 - Something wrong with database. Needs investigation - check Oracle alert log.
# db_state=93 - Database not mounted
# db_state=99 - Database instance started nomount without spfile
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