ERROR_CODE:1 Error executing sqlite statement:no such table: DBV_VERSION


Sometimes Creating standby database  fails with ERROR_CODE:1 Error executing SQLite statement:no such table: DBV_VERSION 

Problem Details

Problem Statement

Creating a standby database fails with this error and it is observed in RAC

Applicable Error Code

ERROR_CODE:1 Error executing sqlite statement:no such table: DBV_VERSION 

Affected Versions

v8 and v9

Affected Platforms




The reason for having this error when creating a standby database is either the Dbvisit SQL-repository is corrupted or incorrect DDC parameter setting especially in RAC configuration or it could be both.


Option 1: Check the RAC parameter are set right in the Dbvisit conf file. Follow the below steps to set the parameter.

Step1: Edit the DDC configuration file and set the right values to RAC parameter

 For eg: I have taken a 2 node primary RAC instance MYDEV1 and MYDEV2 and single node standby.

 The VIP on the RAC Cluster is running on kiwi81 and is called "kiwi812-vip"

Server1: kiwi81
server2: kiwi82


SOURCE =kiwi812-vip
RAC1 =1:kiwi81:MYDEV1:+ASM1
RAC2 =1:kiwi82:MYDEV2:+ASM1=
Step3. Start CSD again.
In case the repository is corrupted then recreate the repository using option 2 and  start CSD again 
Option 2:  Recreate repository
Please follow the link to recreate the repository
 You can backup the existing repository( DBVISIT_BASE/standby/conf and it has the format <DB_NAME>.db) and re-create a new one.
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