CSD failed with ORA-00911


This error is encountered when Creating a Standby database.  

Problem Details

Problem Statement

Creating a Standby Database failed with ORA-00911. 

control_files => +DATA\ORA18C => Location does not exist on standby server and 
cannot be created Specify existing location or create missing directory on
standby server manually

Applicable Error Code

ORA-00911: invalid character (DBD ERROR: error possibly near <*> indicator at char 20 
in 'alter diskgroup DATA<*>\ORA18C add directory '+DATA\ORA18C'')

Affected Versions

v8 and v9

Affected Platforms




This issue is observed in windows environment where CSD fails with  ORA-00911: invalid character. The reason for this issue could be the backslash character specified in the file names. 

As per Oracle Forward slash (/) and backslash (\) are interchangeable in file names. Both ways should be supported by oracle. But in some cases especially in windows environment creating standby database fails with this error. It is resolved by modifying the file name with the forward slash


 Modify standby DB init parameters with a forward slash and restart the CSD.

control_files = +DATA/ORA18C/control01.ctl, +DATA/ORA18C/control02.ctl
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