How is the RPO and RTO impacted when deploying Dbvisit Standby ?


When scheduling Dbvisit Standby there are a few key factors to consider

such as the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of your environment. This is a business decision, but certain factors play a key role.

These are:

  • Speed of the network
  • Activity on the database
  • Speed of the disks
  • Compression method chosen and CPU power to compress and uncompress archive log files.

 The schedules can be customized based on requirements. There is continuous monitoring which can set up to get notified for any delay. The daemon process automatically detects the archivelog in the primary and forces a logswitch in primary when it does not see a new archivelog for a certain period, by doing this it makes sure that the delay between Primary and Standby are minimum.

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