Graceful Switchover Terminated with ERROR_CODE:932


Graceful Switchover fails with this error when there is an issue in accessing the Dbvisit repository

Problem Details

Problem Statement

Graceful Switchover failed with ERROR_CODE:932

Applicable Error Code


Affected Versions

v8 and v9

Affected Platforms



This occurs if  there is an issue in processing the Dbvisit repository. This can happen when there are daemon process running or if there is any other dbvctl process  is still accessing the repository. So prior to Switchover make sure to shutdown all dbvctl process running


Step 1:  Stop dbvctl process running.
You can check this by running the below command  

/usr/sbin/fuser /usr/dbvisit/standby/conf/cdbprod.db
Step 2: Restart dbvnet process
./dbvnet -d stop
./dbvnet -d start
Step 3.  Start Switchover again
./dbvctl -d <DDC> -o switchover
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