How to Start Standby database in recovery mode after system Reboot in Windows

This article explains Dbvisit recommended way to start your Standby Database incorrect mode after the system reboot. In windows Environment, the Oracle database is started as the read-only mode by default during the automatic startup. For Dbvisit the Standby database must be in recovery mode(mount state) to apply archive logs. You could try the below workaround to make sure the database is in the correct mode after the server reboot


1. Change Oracle registry entry ORA_SID_AUTOSTART to FALSE. This will start Windows Oracle Service automatically on startup, but the Oracle instance will remain down

2. Create a new  Windows scheduler to run the Dbvisit start database command to start the Standby database in recovery mode.  It's best to start with some delay to make sure all the OS resources required for the database instance are started first.

dbvctl.exc -d <DDC> -o start


















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