Change Observer Password


Read our docs This article explains how to change the Observer password

Problem Details

Problem Statement

Change Observer password from default

Applicable Error Code


Affected Versions

Dbvisit Standby V9 and V10

Affected Platforms

Linux and Windows


This article explains how to change the observer password.

Steps Performed

1. Before making any changes to the observer, please stop the observer process. 

In Windows, you can stop the service from the service manager
In Linux, you have to manually kill the process

ps -ef | grep observer
kill -9 <pid>

2. Please run the below command to change the passphrase. You would be asked to enter the new password twice

./observersvc -p

3. start the observer process again

nohup ./observersvc -f ./conf/observer.conf &
4. If you are newly adding the configuration then go to the Manage configuration page in GUI and add observer with a new passphrase 
5. If the Observer configuration already exists then, then go to the Manage Configuration page in GUI and click on the reset button and enter the new passphrase. Please note that the Reseting passphrase would clear the existing observer configuration for all monitored DDC and you need to recreate them.
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