Dbvisit stops working when NFS mount is not accessible


Read our docs Dbvisit stops working when the NFS mount is not accessible. Even though you might not be using NFS location in DDC file this can still affect the Dbvisit functioning. Dbvisit uses the Fuser command to ensures that not other process is using the archive logs before transfer(on primary) and apply (on standby). This command will hang if any NFS drive is inaccessible.  

Problem Details

Problem Statement

Dbvisit stops working when the NFS mount is not accessible

Applicable Error Code

oracle 20139 20138 0 17:53 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sbin/fuser /u01/app/oracle/dbvisit_arch/DEV_sjc13w/thread_1_seq_47101.543.1165122105

"df" command hangs

Affected Versions

All versions

Affected Platforms




Step 1.  Stop the automatic standby update on both Primary and Standby Server

Step 2. Kill all the stuck fuser process

Step 3. Please make sure all NFS volumes are accessible. You can try unmounting the volume on the standby server. Please check with your system administrator if this is your production server. They would be abe to resolve the NFS issue.

umount -l <volume>
Step 4. You would be able to send and apply log once the NFS issue is resolved
Send a log from the primary
./dbvctl -d <DDC>
Step 5. Apply log on standby
./dbvctl -d <DDC>

Step 6.  Start automatic standby update


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